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Kninja is an invaluable resource for bookkeepers and bookkeeping firms. They freely share their hard won experience and knowledge, giving you the feeling someone else is in your corner. Kninja provides a standard of best practices that you can leverage to grow, scale and increase profitability in your own business. Kninja is dedicated to bookkeepers exclusively, a very rare find in a professional development world that continues to link accountants and bookkeepers. I feel like they are an integral step in my firm’s ability to reach the next level. Thank you Kninja for the work you do!      S.H. – Ontario, Canada


Are you a bookkeeper feeling overwhelmed staying on top of all the new technology? The software, the apps, the cloud-based ecosystems……the list is endless. How do you know what solution is the best fit for your clients? How do you have time to learn them all? Kninja has been designed to help you with ALL of that. LEARN at your own speed, through guided educational programs using webinars, video courses and self assessment quizzes, from bookkeepers who use the technology every day for their own clients.  Join us now and let us help you stay ahead of the rapid changes in our bookkeeping industry.

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Are you looking for more bookkeeping clients or simply want to find more of the type you enjoy? You don’t require a large budget or infinite resources, but you do need a little marketing and selling ability. The BUILD section of Kninja has been designed, based upon today’s best practices and real world marketing and sales results for our own bookkeeping firm. Join us now to receive the training and education you need to make effective use of  digital marketing tools like social media, email marketing, online advertising and website design to build the practice you want.

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Are you struggling with your bookkeeping practice? Do you feel like you no longer have control? Are you frustrated with staffing challenges? Growth often presents new challenges like hiring the best team, setting up the right systems and workflows and ensuring that everyone is as productive as they can be. We have made our share of mistakes and we want you to learn from them. The MANAGE section of Kninja will help you avoid the pitfalls, improve your knowledge and help you focus on the skills needed for positive growth. Join now and let us help you manage the practice you want.

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Starting my own bookkeeping was tough. There are many details and questions that come up during the process and sometimes you just can’t find the answer yourself even if you work 100 hours a week. I feel very fortunate to have found Kninja. They have been a valuable resource to me in starting my business and they cover the whole gambit of topics from using QuickBooks to how to market your business and they always over-deliver. Their teaching style is clear and well-organized and they always respond quickly to my questions. And they are nice people. I am a happy customer.   J.A. – Chicago, USA