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Don’t let finding & hiring new team members slow the growth of your firm.

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Onboarding a new team member is as important as hiring right.

You must set them up for success.

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A great team is your firm’s best asset.

They need to be happy, efficient and effective.

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Your clients are moving to the cloud. Stop losing profit by staying on Desktop.

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Are you moving from Desktop to Cloud Based Bookkeeping?  The struggle is real.  Getting your team up to speed as quickly as possible without it being a huge investment of your time or your existing team resources.  Your clients are moving to the Cloud, are you and your Team Ready?


Finding team members is tough.  Finding the RIGHT team members is even tougher.  And time consuming.  Enter the Kninja Hiring System.  It not only helps you to find the right team members to get you to the next level, but will get you there faster with less than 4 hours of your time.


Join us every Friday for Smart Man, Smarter Woman – a podcast for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Each week, we interview the best and brightest in their industries/niche so we can bring you the latest tips, tools, and trends. Listen Now and Subscribe.


This book is the roller coaster ride that was the journey of Juliet Aurora and Steve Loates as they started their firm and built it to be awarded the Global title of Intuit’s Firm of the Future.  All proceeds from the book are seed money to launch the Kninja Foundation to help women and at risk female youth fighting domestic violence or homelessness.


Who doesn’t love free? We have put together this list of free items to help you. Lots of different topics – Email Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Glossaries, Productivity, LinkedIn, Blogging.  And we are adding new things all the time, so make sure to check back often. It’s our way of giving back to our amazing community.  Check them out here.


We love templates and checklists.  Here’s one that satisfies our need for both! There are things that need to be done that are only done once a year. It makes it hard to remember them all. And so we’ve created this comprehensive checklist of all of the things that we do for a client year end. There are a total of 115 items to make sure that nothing gets missed!