Why every small business should have a board of advisors

Why Every Small Business Should Have a Board of Advisors

When we establish our companies, many of our associates suggest that we set up a strong board of mentors or a board of advice-givers, but why?
How to conquer your fear of selling

How to Conquer Your Fear of Selling

Why is it so many people with the brains and the fortitude to go into business for themselves still consider “sales” a dirty word?
You Are Worth More...How to raise your fees without angst

You Are Worth More…How to raise your fees without angst

We are bold in our choice of going into business. We are brave at defining and developing our area of expertise. We are forceful in our sales approaches and passionate in our presentations. But when it comes to talking about money with our clients, most of us turn to a quivering bowl of jelly.