Kninja90 FAQs

First – she is part time, so how would it work with a part timer?  Would it just be 90 days worked – or is there a cut of time? There is no cut off time.  The program is dripped out over time.  When she finishes one module, the next one opens up and you get an email that says she is on Module 2, and outlines for you what she is going to learn, if there’s anything you need to provide to her and what kinds of things you can give her that would support/reinforce what she is learning.


Second – Which of the apps do you go through, and can they skip through those that we don’t use as I’d rather have her focus on what we do use. The roadmap outlines the apps – QBO, Hubdoc, Receipt bank, Wagepoint and Plooto.  Even if they aren’t using Plooto for example, but are using Waypay, it is still beneficial to have them go through the module, because we do talk about Workflows as well.  But that is your call as the manager.


Third – She is so new to bookkeeping and the road map doesn’t really show the bookkeeping learning, so is this more geared towards those with no experience, or those with desktop experience and just now moving to the cloud? It’s geared towards bookkeepers with no QBO or cloud experience.  Although we do talk through WHY we do the things we do, and give examples of how and why we do things in our firm, it isn’t a program teaching them debits and credits.  


Finally, if this works well, would you be interested in some type of partnership to bootcampers?  This is a painpoint with bootcampers as they are growing as they hire when they are swamped. So if this would be a great solution, and you could offer a bootcamp discount to them, this would make it more affordable to them as an option.  Feel free to say no, I just had to ask. Lol. No problem with you asking at all!  We actually aren’t offering discounts to partners, but are introducing an affiliate program.  The program is 20% of the program fees. So for your bootcampers you would have them sign up under your affiliate link, and then we cut you a quarterly cheque.  Your discretion whether you want to refund that back to your boot campers, or keep it as a revenue source for yourself 🙂