Your clients are making the move to the Cloud.  Are you ready?

How much profit are you losing by remaining on Desktop?

Is the amount of training required for your staff holding you back?

Does the challenge of nonproductive staff training time keep you up at night?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then know that you're not alone and you've come to the right place.

We were there too, just  a few short years ago we were ready to shut our doors.  We were losing money, had what seemed like a revolving door on our staff room, having to review EVERY single piece of paper that left the office, and struggling with the thought of knowing we needed to be in the cloud, but no idea how to get there, or how we were going to make any money while our team got up to speed with the new technology.  When we started training them it was chaos.  Pure and simple.  And we ended up taking so many steps backwards, before we ever got any momentum forward. This program resulted from our struggle.

If you already know that you MUST be in the cloud, then help is here.

YOU are the reason that we've created the Kninja90 Employee Training Program.  

Industry statistics say that it takes on average 18-20 months to have a fully trained
Cloud Bookkeeper.
Who has those kind of resources?
Do you want to wait that long for ROI on your training?

How about 90 days instead?

In fact, why wait even 90 days before your employee is contributing to your bottom line.

With our training you only wait 7 days.

  • Let us train your Cloud Bookkeeper so that they are productive in your firm at the end of WEEK 1 !

  • Don't spend YOUR valuable internal resources training someone and getting them up to speed with the Cloud and it's unique workflows.

  • Put your employee through a step-by-step training system that builds their knowledge and skills from one week to the next

  • Training your new employee will no longer be an ordeal, or prevent you from growing your business.

  • By going through our program, the average Manager has been able to REDUCE THE OVERSIGHT of their newly trained team by 50-60% !


The program includes
easy to understand video lessons guaranteed to get your staff productive in just 7 days .

Here's what one of our students had to say about the videos:

They were so easy to follow and I loved having the weekly objectives so that I knew what I would achieve this week.  And of course, Knina providing me with all of the helpful tips as she jumped into the videos made them interesting and educational!  Thanks so much for helping me navigate the Cloud, I feel more confident when I work on our client files now.
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Diana Shute

Before we get into the details of the don't have to just believe us, hear from others that believe......

But what about the employees?  What did they think?  Here's what they've said about the Kninja90 Program.....
And now here's what you get in this Exclusive program:
Proven Training System
A systematic approach to training that we've been using and refining in our own practice for the last 5 years. A step by step training program that walks your employee from the very beginning of setting up their account, through the modules in QBO, Key 3rd party apps, Workflows, QBO Setups and Cleanups of messy files.
Fully Certified Cloud Bookkeeper
At the end of the 90 Days your employee will have earned 6 External Certifications as well as 10 Kninja Warrior Certificates.  
Kninja Support
You AND Your employee also get a support system to help you through the program.  Just think - YOU have a training team!
Manager's Dashboard
A single visual showing you EXACTLY where your employee is in the program, which modules have been completed and the quiz scores being obtained at the end of each module.
Employee Assessments
It's not enough for them to watch someone else do something, they need to DO.  We've designed Practical exercises for each topic to reinforce the video course they've been watching.  The quizzes require a mark of 80% before the next module is opened to ensure that they are learning.
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So Who's Teaching My Staff?
The videos have been designed and delivered by
Juliet Aurora of AIS Solutions & Kninja Knetwork
AIS Solutions and Kninja were...

  • Recognized by Intuit as the Global Firm of the Future
  • Awarded the Bookkeeping Firm of the Year by IPBC
  • Given the Small Business Excellence Award by the Local Chamber of Commerce

Juliet Aurora was...

  • Named as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting
  • Named as one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants
  • Given a Trailblazer Award for People to Watch in our Industry
  • One of Top Ten Influencers in our Industry in Canada
  • Member of the Intuit Global Trainer Writer Network
  • One of the original Intuit Canada's mentors
  • Creator of Cloud Accounting college curriculum
  • Co-Author of The Kninja Way - Our Journey to Firm of the Future

Juliet Aurora presenting Kninja 90 Training to a packed room of Accounting professionals at QuickBooks Connect Global Conference, San Jose. - November 2019


Juliet provides real-life examples from their own client experiences throughout the modules.  So it's not just software that your staff is being taught, it's put into real world context for maximum retention.

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Sample Files
We provide your employees with a practice QuickBooks Online database for them to complete the exercises, as well as a Sample Receipt Bank file to test out Apps and create Workflows.
Manager Handbook

A Handbook designed specifically for you that outlines for you not only what your employee will be learning on a weekly basis, but guidelines as to what kind of work they will be able to perform in your firm.  Also tasks for you to provide them to reinforce the topic they are learning.

Government Grants
The Kninja 90 Employee Training Program qualifies for the Canada Job Grant.  You may be eligible to receive up to $10,000 in training grants for each employee.  Not only that, but we will help you complete the grant application!  Read more about the grants here to see if you qualify.
Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that this program is a game changer and will fundamentally change your Accounting or Bookkeeping Practice that we offer a 30 Day Unconditional Love it or Leave it Money Back Guarantee.  No questions asked.  Period.
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Okay, so you're still scrolling which means you are a detail person.  We get it. So are we. :-)
Take a look at the Roadmap your employee will follow.
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How do I know that my employee is learning what they are supposed to?
Every module has clearly laid out objectives that must be met.  There are practice exercises which reinforce the video content, and then a Quiz at the end of each module.  In order to move to the next module, they must get 80% on the quiz.  Your Manager Dashboard will keep you abreast of where they are in the program.
What if I'm not happy with the program?
No problem.  We offer a 30 Day No Questions Asked Unconditional Love it or Leave it Money Back Guarantee.  But we know you'll LOVE it :-)
Do I really need to move to the Cloud?
The honest answer is no.  BUT, if you still want to have an Accounting or Bookkeeping Practice in the future, you will have to move at some point.  Don't follow your competition, why not lead them?  
What Accounting Software Program are you using for the training videos?
The entire program is designed around QuickBooks Online.  
How is this program any different than me sending my staff to a one day seminar from Intuit?

We love Intuit.  Ask anyone.  But they are a software company, not an Accounting or Bookkeeping Firm.  They will teach your employee the basics of how the software works, in an ideal world.  We know that we don't really live in that world, and neither do our clients. Our program has segments called "The Reality of...." which is how to deal with our imperfect clients.

There is also NO WAY that you can learn the entire QuickBooks Online program in one day! Their Basic Certification Preparation is one day, ours is 8 weeks.

What are the Certifications that my employee will have from external providers?
At the end of the 13 weeks, they will be QBO Basic AND QBO Advanced Certified PLUS receive the following app certifications Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, Plooto and Wagepoint.
What if my employee is Part-Time?
No problem.  Our recommendation is that it take 13 weeks to go through the program.  They can certainly do it faster or slower depending upon the time available to them.
What if I need to train more than one employee?
Not a problem.  Each employee is given their own access and own objectives to follow.  The Manager Dashboard will display all of your employees and their progress in a single portal.
Does your program REALLY save me any training time?
Absolutely.  In a survey from Managers that have gone through the program, they estimated that they needed to provide up to 50% less oversight of their employees. They also estimated that it saved them an average of between 100-150 hours of training time by their team in the first 30 days!
90 Days??  How can I pay them for 90 days and not have them able to do anything in my practice?
You don't!  Your employee will be productive and contributing to your bottom line after the first week.  You don't have to wait 90 days to see the results.  Just wait 7 days. The program is structured that they spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a day on the training, and 6-8 hours productive in your firm.
What if I'm not yet in the Cloud?
That's why we are here!  We have a version of the program where we do ALL of the heavy lifting, as well as the oversight of your employee as they go through the program.
Why is Kninja 90 so amazing?

Yes, we did take a little artistic licence with this last question. :-)

Well gee, it's probably because we've been there.  Intuit estimates 18-20 months to get a fully productive Cloud Bookkeeper up to speed.  That's not practical or sustainable in most practices. We were one of the first to move to the cloud years ago and we know what it takes. Everything we have learned is in this amazing program.

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6X - That is the ROI that the Kninja 90 Program gives you over the typical training available from Intuit

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Most courses provide you with the curriculum outline...we are limited with space here, and can't list the 190+ videos, exercises and assessments that are included in this program.  But we know you want to see something.
Want a sample of a Module?  Here you go.....

Content Sample - Week One and Two:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Course
    • Personal Assessments
      • VAK Test
      • Predictive Index Assessment
    • Internal Process Training
      • What is a Project Management System
    • Our Brave New World
      • How is a Cloud Accounting Practice Different?
      • The Traditional Model
      • The Cloud Model
      • Traditional vs. Cloud Practice Quiz
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Module 2 - Accounts Payable
    • QBOA
      • Accept Firm Invite
      • QBOA Dashboard Tour
      • QBO Client File Tour
    • Accounts Payable - Getting Data In
      • Create a New Supplier
      • Create a Supplier "On the Fly"
      • Enter Supplier Bill - Single Line
      • Enter Supplier Bill - Multiple Lines
    • Accounts Payable - Paying Bills
      • Pay a Bill - At Time of Bill Entry
      • Pay a Bill - By Cheque
      • Printing Checks
      • Pay a Bill - By Credit Card
      • Pay a Bill - Debit, Pre-Authorized, EFT or Wire
    • Accounts Payable - The Reality
      • Partial Supplier Payments
      • Entering Supplier & Credit Card Credits
      • Duplicating Bills
      • Creating Recurring Checks
      • Search, Edit and Audit Transactions
      • Basic A/P Reporting
    • Accounts Payable - Exercises & Recap
      • QBO A/P Concept Review
      • Practice Set - Accounts Payable
      • A/P Quiz
    • Kninja Warrior Certificate - QBO & Accounts Payable
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What more do we need to say?

Click on the button to learn more details in our free masterclass webinar.
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We are going to make it even easier for you. We have three different ways that you can take advantage of the Kninja 90 Program. 
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Government Grant Availability - Up to 50%
3 Equal Payment Options


Student Modules
Manager's Dashboard
Manager's Handbook 
Bonus Content & Templates
Manager Chat Channel (Group)
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Exercise Grading & Student Feedback
Manager Chat Channel (Private)
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