We know that the world of Online and Social Media Marketing can be confusing and often frustrating with so many different ideas and opinions.

Who do you listen to? Where do you begin? What will be the best use of your resources?
We have been involved in the world of online marketing since the day we started our own firm, back in 2000. In fact, our very first marketing investment was our website. (Sorry, that’s not true…our first investment was business cards. ☺ )
Through trial and error, experience and a lot of sweat equity,  we have learned what works and what doesn’t.  Thanks to our understanding of online marketing, and our presence online we have been able to grow our own firm by over 356% over the past few years.

Now, please don’t misunderstand, we have made mistakes along the way, and received lots of learning, but fortunately, most of what we have done has worked.
The purpose of our BUILD track is to help you grow your firm to the level you want,  by leveraging the tools and technology that online marketing has to offer.  The online platform has levelled the playing field for small business and allows you to compete with bigger businesses.

We will share with you what we have learned about the design of effective websites – where search engine optimization fits – why you should be making use of social media and then help you to determine the best social channel for your firm. Email marketing is a game changer and we will show you how to make it an effective part of your growth strategy. We also will help you learn how to find and create the kind of content that will be of value to your audience and make them want to become part of your online community.
Because we’ve been there, we know that as small business entrepreneurs you have finite resources and  making the most efficient use of the time and money you invest in your marketing, will always be in the forefront.

Setting everything up for sales and lead generation is vital, but then so is measuring how everything is performing.  Analytics and what numbers are important to you will also be covered.

So join the Kninja Knetwork below, to put you on a path to be a Firm of the Future….now.

Love Kninja Knetwork. Actually love Juliet and Steve too! I had a call with them this week and it gave me great clarity. L.W. – British Columbia, Canada

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What You’ll Get



A well designed website should be your number one sales tool for getting new leads and prospects. You will learn best practices when setting up your website, how to create calls to action, implementing search engine optimization and more.


You will learn how to get started on social media and how to avoid the most common mistakes. Choosing the right social channel for your goals as well is imperative. Through deep dives into every social channel, you will be a rockstar in no time.


Your email list should be one of your most valuable assets. Learn how to grow, build and then nurture that list into a loyal community of brand ambassadors for your firm. We also share our own experiences with what works and doesn’t in our industry.


Your time is limited, so finding and developing content with limited resources is a strong focus. Starting your blog, or and learning how to grow your following. Methods to automate steps and reuse content are also topics included to grow your practice.







Kninja 2.0 Coming Soon