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What Can We Learn From Facebook Polls?


Facebook Customer Like Polls I love polls. In fact, I think most of us do. We really are curious about what others think.

So, recently I decided to do a poll on Facebook. I posted the same question across several Facebook groups whose members consisted of Bookkeepers and Accountants.

This was not meant to be a definitive or scientific poll but simply to see what we might learn that could help others.

The question I asked was simple:

“What would you say is the number one reason clients are looking for a new bookkeeper? Not necessarily why they chose you, but why were they looking to change in the first place.”

I then provided seven possible responses, but also gave everyone the ability to add their own if it was something different.

Here are those responses offered:

  1. My business has grown and I no longer have the time to do my own bookkeeping
  2. My bookkeeper has retired/moved/gone on permanent vacation
  3. My accountant told me my books are a mess and I need a new bookkeeper
  4. I am not happy with the quality of work from my current bookkeeper
  5. My books are always behind and I am tired of paying penalties to CRA
  6. I need real-time financials to better manage my business
  7. It is a brand new business and I don’t know the first thing about bookkeeping

Remember, these were responses as to why clients (small business owners) are looking to make a change to their bookkeeper.

After conducting the survey over several days and receiving over 200 responses here are the top 3 answers we received.

  1. My business has grown and I no longer have the time to do my own bookkeeping
  2. My accountant told me my books are a mess and I need a new bookkeeper
  3. It is a brand new business and I don’t know the first thing about bookkeeping

I can also tell you that these 3 responses were significantly higher than the rest.

What Can We Conclude?

Now, I am not a pollster or an expert in polls, and perhaps the numbers are not enough to make definitive conclusions. However, when I take these results and combine them with my own experience and common sense I think there are some things we can learn.

First, I might use this information to develop 3 niches for my marketing efforts.

For example, based upon response #2 you might want to begin an organized campaign of connecting and networking with other non-competitive CPA firms so that when they get a client whose books are indeed a mess they will begin referring them to you.

Maybe, based upon response #3 you can utilize some of your social media messaging to target new business owners and provide them with some valid reasons why they shouldn’t be doing their own bookkeeping and instead should contact you to have a no obligation chat.

You could obviously do the same thing around response #1. Create a new page on your website, or some posts on social media, containing messaging that would attract fast-growing companies that are feeling a little overwhelmed and need to look at outsourcing their bookkeeping.

I recognize that this is not complete by any means and I am not suggesting you change all of your marketing based upon one poll. However, I do believe it does illustrate the value of polls and surveys to get feedback to questions that need to be asked.

Maybe you should do your own Facebook poll or you might want to consider using something like Survey Monkey to do a survey of your own clients and ask them some questions such as….

  • Why did you first begin working with us?
  • What do you value most about the services we are providing?
  • What other services could I offer that would be of value to you?
  • How would you rate our current service?
  • What is the number one area where we could improve our service to you?

Etc. etc. etc.

I know those last two questions can be scary to ask. But, wouldn’t you rather know about a problem and try to fix it before the client actually departs? I know I would. You cannot fix it if you don’t know about it.

Food For Thought

One of my very earliest mentors told me…”You don’t get if you don’t ask and you never learn by speaking….you learn by listening.” 🙂  Just some food for thought.

I hope this little exercise has provided some value.  

Please share any comments you may have so we can all continue to listen and learn.

Thank you for reading. Take good care of yourself. Until next time.

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