One of the things that made us successful as entrepreneurs was our ability to wear all of the various hats in our business and do them well. But as you grow your business, a MindShift is needed.

Instead of focusing on doing everything yourself, your time needs to be spent on finding the right people to join your team, and implementing processes and workflows to have your business run like a well-oiled machine.

It won’t always, and as you reach a new stage in your business, the squeaky wheels will return. We learned that in our practice over the last 15 years, and it really has been one of the biggest struggles for us to grow.

In the MANAGE track of Kninja Knetwork, we will share our successes as well as our failures, so you can avoid making the same mistakes as us. There will be tips to help make you more productive, checklists for onboarding new clients, and new team members. We will share our Kninja Hiring Process, which has saved us countless hours and helped us find the right members of our team.

Practice Management Software is one of the keys to developing a system and process so that nothing falls through the cracks. Missed payroll, or tax deadlines…..the worst thing ever. Creating organized chaos out of all your clients To-do items is what the MANAGE track will help you do.

Managing a business is tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. You will have access to a confidential Community where you can hear feedback and ideas from others in the same industry as you, encountering the same challenges on their path to growth.

So join the Kninja Knetwork now, to put you on a path to be a Firm of the Future….now.


Kninja 2.0 Coming Soon




What You’ll Get



You will get step by step videos taking you through the Kninja Hiring Process. Ideas on developing and creating your team and your culture. How to keep your team engaged.


Help in scaling your business by setting up systems and processes to ensure consistent service for your clients. Setting up KPI’s to measure your practice management.


The more productive you are, the more you and your team can accomplish.  Demo videos on the latest productivity tools and reviews. Geared especially for bookkeepers and your tasks.


Sample Checklists for onboarding clients and tracking who is doing what all are addressed in this section.Workflows for creating App Ecosystems for your clients and your business.










Kninja 2.0 Coming Soon