Our Kninja Story

The concept for Kninja Knetwork has probably been floating around in our brains for almost five years. And through many conversations between ourselves, friends, family and industry colleagues, it began to take shape and move from that concept stage into making it a reality shortly after we left QB Connect in 2014.

There are many awesome educational resources in our industry but we still felt that something was missing. We kept hoping that someone would come along and create a one-stop community for education, resources and support to help every bookkeeper, all around the world, to become the very best bookkeeper and bookkeeping firm they wanted to be, and most of all, that they didn’t have to go to 12 different places to find those resources.

As co-owners of our own successful Bookkeeping firm we felt we had a good idea of what was needed. Why? Simple. Because, we had needed it ourselves.

So what were we looking for, you ask?


Our first need was training. We all know the bookkeeping industry is changing rapidly with no signs of a slow-down. If anything, all indications are that the pace of change is going to increase. It is going to get harder and harder to stay current with all of the current changes AND look after providing the best service for our clients.   As our own team grew internally, we also felt that we were continuously reinventing the wheel and starting proper bookkeeping training from the beginning.

Our team had lots of experience with QuickBooks Desktop, and so the introduction of QuickBooks Online was a huge disruption. We experienced so much downtime and inefficiency after inefficiency as we struggled to switch our thinking and our workflows.

This last year we also launched an apprenticeship program in our office and found that we were struggling to find them a resource that they could follow step by step to get them up to speed quickly.

And don’t get me started on the Apps and the Ecosystems, and which apps work best for which industries, and how do you put it all together?

We found that we were jumping from one website to YouTube to Facebook groups, to Intuit training, and there was no clear path for us to follow, nor any consistency in what or how we were learning. Lots of good material….lots of people with their hearts in the right place….but no cohesion or organization.


We have always been big thinkers. Our goal when we hired our first team member at AIS Solutions was that we wanted 10. Now that we’ve passed the 10-team member mark, the next target is 20. In order for that to happen, we had to market to get new clients. Website, SEO, and social media – all of it was important, and all of it matters in this digital age. But it isn’t easy to navigate through, and there are such limited resources to access, which refer to our specific industry.


As our firm grew new challenges arose. How do we systematize and create processes for our team so that every client gets exactly the same service level? When someone is on holidays, or off sick, how do we know where they left off with the client, or what communication has taken place, so that someone can get up to speed quickly. Again, no luck finding anything out in the marketplace that could provide us with any guidance.

I think you are getting the drift 😄

And so Kninja Knetwork was born. But we’re taking this to a whole new level than what our original pain points were. Our goal is to create a Community of bookkeepers, who are learning, building and growing together. One of the greatest strengths of our team is Collaboration. So often, someone comes across a question or a transaction that they aren’t sure how to post, or how to find a workaround in QBO. As a solo bookkeeper, who do you turn to? There are lots of public groups to ask your question, but do you REALLY want everyone in the industry to know that you don’t know how to do this? We certainly don’t. And now you don’t have to. We’ve also created a small, confidential community where you can ask questions, or if you don’t want to do that, you can reach out to a member of our team to help you. Big or small, bookkeeping or technology..….just ask.


November 2016

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