Juliet’s Story

AIS Solutions started out as Aurora International Services in 2000. This small business being run from the spare room in my home was born shortly before the birth of my daughter. I was in search of a way to achieve some work-life balance and spend some time with my young daughter, as I was very reluctant to put her in the world of daycare for 10 hours a day at such a young age.

Shortly after making the decision to start AIS, the company I was working for decided to relocate to Houston, Texas. Not willing to uproot my family, the business became more important to my financial survival. With my first client being my former employer, I gave myself a timeline of 6 months to either get the business off the ground or I would go back to pounding the pavement and re-enter the corporate world. That was many years ago, and I’ve not looked back.

For several years, the business was only me providing personalized accounting services to clients. Over the years we have grown and now have a dedicated staff who work with clients both internationally and across the GTA. Our range of services has expanded and our mandate is to be the standard against which all other bookkeepers and bookkeeping firms are measured. Being a business owner myself, I have learned that you often have to wear many hats in order for your business to grow and succeed. The owner doesn’t only have to be an expert in the service they are offering, but must be a salesperson, marketing guru, accountant, web designer, HR manager, IT person and often a janitor. All of those tasks take the time away from the primary focus of why we started our own business in the first place!

And so…. AIS Solutions was born.

Our focus is to provide business owners with “no hassle” bookkeeping that is always done right. We do not provide just data entry service, but valuable, accurate bookkeeping and accounting, which allows business owners to have up-to-date financial reports that they can use to make better business decisions throughout the year. By working with us, every client has access to financial expertise without incurring the large fixed overhead costs involved in maintaining a full time person in every field on their payroll.

Today, cloud technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in business. But, long before it was popular, we recognized the opportunity to provide better service and support for our clients and so, in 2010, we launched a brand new exclusive service called AIS Cloud – a remote “cloud accounting and bookkeeping solution”.

I’ve seen my daughter and my business grow over the years and am very proud of both. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for both.

Juliet Aurora

P.S. – We feel very proud and honoured to have been recognized by the local business community. For the 3rd year in a row (2012, 2013 and 2014) we were chosen from over 85 local companies and were selected as a finalist in the small business category for the Burlington Chamber of Commerce “Business Awards”. Thank you to everyone that has made it possible. Update – In 2016, we were incredibly excited and humbled to be named “Bookkeeping Firm of the Year” by the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada.