Is the Inability to Find Great Talent Holding Back Your Company?

Is This How You Feel When It's Time To Hire Your Next Employee?

Business owners everywhere say that one of the biggest roadblocks holding back their company is finding and hiring great people. And in the Accounting and Bookkeeping Industry we hear it all the time - "I can't grow because I can't find the right people to hire!"

But, why is it so hard? Why is it so frustrating and why is it such a challenge for so many?

We were there too, just a few short years ago. We were exhausted. We were frustrated.  And the thought of placing that help wanted ad and reading resumes over and over again really made us wonder if there was an easier way.

We would spend HOURS reading resumes and interviewing people and STILL end up hiring the wrong person!  

According to LinkedIn fewer than 29% of companies are able to fill a vacant role within 30 days. 
The other 71% of companies take between 1 and 4 months to fill that role.

The latest HR industry stats say it takes 25 - 45 hours of staff resources to hire a new team member.

What if you could limit that to
In fact, what if we could not only reduce the time it takes you to hire a new employee, but have your candidates self filter themselves out of the process,
so you only get the gems?
With our Kninja Hiring System these will be your results.
  • Minimize time spent interviewing every candidate
  • Apply Multiple Self Filtering Stages so that ONLY the people that REALLY want to work for you are the ones that you meet
  • Attract the Largest Pool of Candidates to Apply 
  • Use Technology to Leverage your time and resources to Narrow down the potential candidates
  • Find your next superstar whose values align with those of your firm in 4 Hours or Less - TOTAL


Following the Kninja Hiring system you will never spend more than 4 HOURS finding and hiring your next superstar.
We guarantee it. 

We are laying it all on the line and being open and honest about what we've done wrong so that we can also share what we've done right.  Here's what happened to us BEFORE we started using this system.

About 8 years ago we hired a new bookkeeper for our own firm - AIS Solutions.  We found her the typical way - placed an ad, interviewed candidate after candidate and finally made a decision and she started with us.  On her first day, she came in to work for 8:30 am as was planned, went for lunch and never came back!!  And then to add insult to injury, she took us to the employment board to get paid for the 3 hours she worked.  Yes, it is a true story unfortunately.
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Juliet Aurora
And now here's what you get in this Exclusive program:
Proven Hiring System
We've been using this Hiring System for the last 7 years in our own firm.  It's undergone a TON of iterations, in order to have it run as effectively and efficiently as it does now.  
Step by Step Program
Not only do we share HOW we do it, but we give you a Step by Step system to follow so that you can replicate the results in your own firm. A proven step by step plan means no wasting time or resources AND gets results every time.
Technology Tools
We are all about automating what we can to save us time. We share with you a listing of all of the tools and tech we use so that you can automate the process in your own firm.
So Who's Teaching This Stuff?

"I have been a business owner for almost my entire 30 plus year career and I know the frustration caused by bad hires and no hires. Seeing your business stall simply because you cannot find enough good people is a huge pain point.

And that is why we created the Kninja Hiring system." 

Steve Loates
Co-Founder, Kninja 
The videos have been designed and delivered by Steve Loates of AIS Solutions & Kninja Knetwork
Steve provides real-life examples from our own firm experiences throughout the videos.  So it's not just a Hiring System you are receiving, but it's put into real world context for maximum results.
Stop letting the lack of employees hold your business back!
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Not only do we share the steps, we give you ALL of our templates, from the Ads, to the Email Responses, to the questions that we use in the interview process.  You get it all so you can hit the ground running.
Define the Role

Before you can find the right person, you need to ensure that you are really clear on what you need.  We walk you through how to define the role you are filling, so that your candidate is the right one.

Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that this program is a game changer and will fundamentally change your Accounting or Bookkeeping Practice that we offer a 30 Day Unconditional Love it or Leave it Money Back Guarantee.  No questions asked.  Period.
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One of the BIGGEST time wasters is that people apply for jobs they aren't sure they really want.  

The biggest reason the Kninja Hiring System is successful is because of its Multi Step Filtering System.

What does that mean?

  • The candidate is given a series of steps that they have to complete BEFORE you spend any time with them
  • If they don't complete the steps, they've "Filtered" themselves out of the process
  • Each step teaches you something valuable about the candidate
  • This system SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the time investment for you

RESULT: You only meet the candidates that REALLY want the job

RESULT: You spend time with better qualified candidates

Why Our System and Not a Recruiter?

This sounds like a lot of work, so why purchase the Kninja Hiring System instead of just hiring a Recruiting Agency to hire someone for me?  That's easy...

  • The Kninja Hiring System is a ONE TIME Fee, regardless of how many employees you want to hire
  • A Recruiting Agency typically charges a percentage of the annual salary.  So based on a $40,000/year bookkeeper, your fee would be anywhere from $6,000 - $10,000 FOR ONE EMPLOYEE
  • In some cases a Recruiting Agency will charge you up to $2500 JUST to write the ad!
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Not ready to hire someone, but still want to make some money?  Read on.....

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We know that this program isn't for everyone, but we still want to work with you.  So some food for thought.....

Add a New Service Offering

Hiring employees is the biggest pain point for our clients.  What if YOU could help them with that?  Our Kninja Hiring System allows you to do that.  Go through this system for your clients, and add another service that your firm can offer to bring value to your clients.  We've done that with our firm and our clients LOVE it!

Join our Partner Program

If hiring isn't on your radar anywhere, no problem!  You can still earn money by sharing this program with others.  If they purchase, we send you money!  So easy and another revenue stream for your business.

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This sounds too good to be true.  Are you sure it's not a scam?
Yup. Absolutely.  It DOES sound too good to be true, and we are so confident that it will work for you that we will give you ALL of your money back if you don't love it.
Will this only work for my Accounting or Bookkeeping Firm?
The templates that we provide for your use are designed around hiring someone for your firm.  BUT the system works for ANY business.  We do it for our clients and it's become a solid revenue stream for us.
In what format is the program delivered?
The entire program is a  12 video course that teaches you step by step how to conduct this system. Approximate time to go through the course - under 3 hours.
Does it really only take 4 hours of my time to hire my next superstar?
Yup.  There's a little bit of setup the first time you run it (but don't worry, we walk you through it step by step), but after that, 4 hours max.  The more you do it, the less time the steps will take you.
What if I need to hire more than one employee?
Not a problem.  The system is yours for life.  Repeat it as many times as you like, and with as many clients as you like.
What if I'm not happy with the program?
No problem.  We offer a 30 Day No Questions Asked Unconditional Love it or Leave it Money Back Guarantee.  But we know you'll LOVE it :-)
Why is the Kninja Hiring System so amazing?

Yes, we did take a little artistic license with this last question. :-)

Well gee, it's probably because we've been there.  We had the revolving door on our staff room as we kept hiring the wrong people.  And the time it used to take us to FIND someone new prevented us from letting the wrong people go. even when we knew we should.  That's all changed for us, and it can for you too. Everything we have learned is in this amazing program.

Check out the deets
Here's a listing of what you'll receive with the Kninja Hiring System
Background & Evolution
Principles of the System
Defining the Role
Creating Your Ad
Promoting Your Ad
The Autoresponder
Reviewing the Applications
The Group Interview
One on One Interviews
The Decision and Offer
Summary & Tips

  Supplementary Video - Remote Hiring


Where to Promote Your Ad
Reasons New Hires Quit
Bookkeeper Ad [TEMPLATE]
Agenda for Group Interview
Autoresponder Assessment Form
DISC Profile Quiz
DISC Profile Assessment Answers
Defining the Role [WORKSHEET]
One on One Interview Questions
Group Interview Questions
Autoresponder Email
Job Offer
Invitation to Group Interview
Unlucky Applicants Script