Kninja Partner Program FAQ

Answers Before You Ask:


Just in case you had some additional questions, hopefully we’ve answered them for you here.


Q – How much money can I earn if I refer the Kninja90 Program?

A – It depends.  We know, a horrible answer, but it’s true.  If someone you send purchases the Kninja90 Training Program you can earn anywhere between  $1996 – $4570 (Canadian) , depending upon which version of the program they select.

Q – How much money can I earn if I refer the Kninja Hiring System?

A – This one is a flat rate of $99.70 (Canadian)

Q – Is there a limit to how many people can purchase through my link?

A – Nope.

Q – How often do I receive my payment?

A – We want people to LOVE our programs.  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our programs.  Partner Payments are therefore issued on Day 35. 

Q – How do I receive my payment?

A – You will receive an email from us that we’re sending you a payment!  We are a paperless organization so you don’t actually get a cheque, but will receive the money electronically.  Really simple, and you don’t have to provide us with your banking info, you enter it yourself and voila, within 4 business days, the money is in your account.

Q – How do I start referring people?

A – Referring people is simple. When you sign up here, we’ll ask you for some details.  Once your application is approved, you’ll receive  a unique link that you can share with everyone via Twitter, email, LinkedIn, blog posts and so on. We even created share banners that you can drop into your blog or website that contain your referral link. Every time someone uses your code to become a paying customer at Kninja, you’ll earn a commission.

We’d love to send referral bonuses your way! Remember, WIN, WIN, WIN!

If you have questions, just drop us an email –