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The Kninja Hiring Process

The Kninja Hiring Process course includes a number of Video Modules
and downloadable templates and resources

So your business is growing, and you are ready to hire your first team member, or perhaps you are expanding, and need to add another bookkeeper on your team.  First of all, Congratulations!  It is both an exciting and scary time for you.  Just remember that without additional team members, you aren’t able to scale your business, so this is a really good thing!

One of the biggest challenges we’ve had over the course of building our own Firm was finding the right staff.  Everyone that applies has a great looking resume, and seems qualified.  Most interview candidates are also on their best behaviour during the interview process, so you don’t really get to know much about them until they’ve been hired.

Hiring the wrong person is very expensive.  Not including the time that you’ve invested in finding them and training them, it is also very defeating when you realize that it’s not the right person.  We’ve learned this the hard way ourselves, and for the first couple of years made a lot of awful hires!

We had a business coach at the time, and he had introduced us to a new way of hiring.  It’s been modified over the course of us using it, to better fit how we do things and our industry, but we’ve now been using it for the last 3 years with great success. Sure, we sometimes still get it wrong, but we are still human, and so sometimes have followed our gut instead of the process.

The process we follow is now called the Kninja Hiring Process and is outlined in the two video series below. We’ve included in the resources section below some of the items that we mention in the videos, like the ad template, the agenda and interview questions.

We hope that you find it helpful and can skip over some of the pain points we encountered!