How to solve five big social media challenges for your small business

Using social media appears easy because the average 10-year-old is all over it, posting updates on their status, sharing pictures and videos with their friends, and looking for ideas on Snapchat and Instagram.
What to do when you screw up and your customer is unhappy

What to Do When You Screw Up and Your Customer is Unhappy

When you own and operate a small business there are always pressures on you and many days feel like you are walking on that proverbial high wire without a safety net.

We Have To Stop Fooling Ourselves About Marketing

Stop fooling yourself about Marketing. It is essential for building…

Tools For Keeping Your Important Contacts Organized

Bookkeepers normally have a wide range of “regular” clients, but there is nothing regular about how often they interact.
Multitasking is Undermining Your Business

Multitasking is Undermining Your Business. Here's How to Fix It Now

Working as a bookkeeper means moving back and forth between projects from payroll to bank reconciliations to bill paying.
virtual meetings more effective

Four Proven Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Effective

Constraints of time and travel expenses combine in all business to make face-to-face meetings less frequent and virtual get-togethers more popular.
Starting Line

Start Your Year With Purpose

2017 was an amazing year for me, on so many levels.  The obvious one is winning the Intuit Global Firm of the Future contest.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that my small business in Burlington Ontario would be recognized on a global stage.  There are so many days that I still can’t believe that it’s true, and not just some dream that no one was woken me up from yet.
Facebook Customer Like Polls

What Can We Learn From Facebook Polls?

  I love polls. In fact, I think most of us do. We really…
Ways to Promote Your Business for Free

Seven Ways to Promote your Bookkeeping Business for Free

When I started my first small business, I remember being frustrated…
Your body can affect the mental state

The Embodied Bookkeeper: Why You Are Not Your Brain

If a happy client heaps praise on you and you remember the…
Building Your LinkedIn Profile for Marketing

How To Build Your Best LinkedIn Profile

  One of the most under-used marketing tools for…
Firm of the Future Canada

My Journey to Intuit’s Firm of the Future

I still can’t believe that it’s even a thing. Who would…

Do You Know How to Delight Your Customers?

When you started your bookkeeping firm, chances are your…
Bookkeeping Business Email Monster Management

How to Streamline and Manage Your Email Monster

One of the greatest challenges to your efficiency when you…

Social Media for Bookkeeping Businesses: What Works, What Doesn’t

As bookkeepers trying to use social media to bolster your…

How to Use Your Time More Effectively

When you are young and we hear Dr. Seuss ask the question…

Why you need to focus on profits to grow your bookkeeping business

The thing about running a bookkeeping business is that we…

How to Re-enforce Your Value to Small Business Clients

You have set up your bookkeeping business, your client growth…

How to create the ultimate elevator speech for your bookkeeping business

You need to be ready. Because, regardless of what your business…

Two Easy and Awesome Strategies that yield the most client Referrals

When you are a professional bookkeeper, which is a position…