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I’m a Beach Walker, What Are You?

Next to having the skill and ability to create a useful product or service, the most important thing you need to know to make your business a success is who is your ideal client.
Why every small business should have a board of advisors

Why Every Small Business Should Have a Board of Advisors

When we establish our companies, many of our associates suggest that we set up a strong board of mentors or a board of advice-givers, but why?
Starting Line

Start Your Year With Purpose

2017 was an amazing year for me, on so many levels.  The obvious one is winning the Intuit Global Firm of the Future contest.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that my small business in Burlington Ontario would be recognized on a global stage.  There are so many days that I still can’t believe that it’s true, and not just some dream that no one was woken me up from yet.
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3 Essential Steps To Stay Amazing

Well, are you panicking yet? Or are you complacent? It…